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Saturday, May 27, 2006

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The Looking Good Church

Appearance to the world of the looking good Church Member
v The "hero'' of the environment
v Very responsible
v Motivated, achievement oriented
v Successful in many pursuits
v "Together,'' with an aura of having it "made'' emotionally
v Good natured, sociable
v Appear to have high self-esteem
v Loyal
v Popular with others, social and outgoing
v Considerate of others
v Appropriate and clean-cut behavior characteristics
v Hard worker
v Helpful
v Appeaser and peace makers
v Very positive with others
v Driven
v Goal oriented

Feelings inside person "with the looking good Church member"

v Fear of confronting problems
v Fear of confronting people with problems
v Denial of problems
v Guilt for the troubles and problems in others' lives
v Feeling of never being "good enough'' or having done enough
v Confusion about what to do to solve problems
v Fear of conflict, fights, or arguments
v Need to keep negative feelings to self, secretive
v Need to give others what they want
v Keep personal and family problems to self, secretive
v Mixed feelings of love and hate for people with problems close to them with problems
v Confusion about their true feelings
v Low self worth
v Anger about having to strive so hard
v Anger at getting so little back for all their giving
v Anger at others who are irritable and critical when they are trying so hard
v Anger at selves for discounting their own needs and selling out to others' demands
v Guilt over feeling anger
v Feel lonely and isolated from others
v Critical of others' performance
v Never satisfied with their own performance
v Hypercritical of self first and others second
v Compulsive need to be good
v Fear of showing affection or are unable to do so

Negative consequences of looking good behaviors
v Low self-esteem
v Inability to relax
v Inability to enjoy successes
v Workaholic
v Rule bound compulsive need to conform to perceived norms of society
v Fear of letting go
v Guilt over not being able to do well enough
v Anger over never being able to be "finished''
v Inability to face own problems or the problems of those to whom they are close
v Impose high expectations on those with whom they are close: spouse, children, coworkers
v Caught up in perfectionistic attitude regarding everything
v Fear of taking risks
v Fear of rejection, since acceptance need is high
v Faulty problem solving and decision making abilities, non-original stereotypic responses
v Physiological response to intense internal stress and pressure: "Type A'' personality, prone to ulcers, heart trouble, high blood pressure, etc.
v Problems in interpersonal relationships
v Irrational beliefs that block personal growth
v Lack of affection giving skills

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Watch Out! For those: PIMP’s
That will use you, control you, feed off you, and leave you broken torn, and spiritual bleeding in the road of their Hell fires, and brimstone


Saturday, November 19, 2005

To my Brother's and sister's of the UPCI and those that have left it.

what I'm going to write to you please listen carefully, my heart is grieved and is grieving because of all landmines that sincere Christians step so easily into, and me being one of them. (((I thought I was saved by what I did instead of what Jesus Christ had done?)))) (((My holiness was generated by ME not by Jesus Christ?))) I had been baptized in Jesus named, I had spoken in tongues of men and angels; I also did not cut my hair for 17 years and wore dresses everywhere I went. But I know now thank GOD, that I'm not saved by the length of my hair or the clothes that I wear, it's not the name that invoked over me by the preacher that saves me but it's my heart cry to the savior to save me, that saved me.Yes you can speak the tongues of men and angels, but if you don't have love for my fellow men and women our religion is just like all the heathens, you can smash idols but whole on to our own idol of self made holiness and works of our flesh, When Jesus Christ came to this earth the religious leaders knew the law and kept it very well, but missed HIM ((((JESUS)))) completely.

It's funny I have stated "WE have the truth" I thought I was right and everybody else was wrong, there is a scripture that states he that thinks he stands beware lest he fall, also there is a way that seem right onto the man but the end is death. I once was so sure of my way or the highway, but I see how wrong I was in my spirit.

Today I thank Jesus every day for his love, compassion, gentleness, meekness, for those that truly represent him represent him in these ways. Jesus Christ is a gentleman, he did not come preaching hellfire and damnation, but he want everyone to know "I love you and I'm willing to pay whatever price I have to make a way for you." No wonder they killed him was completely out-of-the-box. If I would have lived in that time of Christ what would I have embrace Him or kill Him? I don't see that it's the knowledge of the scriptures that was my error but in the un-Christ-like spirit that I had manifest. Hey the devil knows there's one God he's not a Trinitarian Buthe's still a devil and what made him one was his PRIDE.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Our Righteousness and Holiness Is Like:

A person that believes that he can impress God by his own holiness and self-righteousness is like a poor man that is flashing a dollar bill to a multibillionaire with the elusion that he will be impressed. The foolishness of it is almost comical but the reality of the still the same. The only righteousness and holiness that any of us can possess is through the richness of Christ and excepting his gift of Calvary for our sins and putting our trust in him and him alone. It not our acts of righteousness that save us, but it was his righteous act on Calvary that saves us.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

To the Church
there is something that is on my heart lately concerning our generation and the outreach to people ensnared with church cults and occults, Jesus ca
me to heal the broken hearted. He came to proclaim liberty to the captives, to give sight to the blind, and to set at liberty the oppressed. He also said that we are to give food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, visit those in prison, and take in strangers.

Let me tell you when I was involved in a cultic church for 17 years, I was brokenhearted, I was blind, I was in prison, I was so oppressed, starving for truth and thirsty for real love. Ask anyone who's left a cult like church and they'll tell you - "I was brokenhearted, blind, in prison, oppressed, hungry, and thirsty." Who are those in the church cults or the occults, they your neighbor, co-worker, check out lady, gas attendant, friend, bother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, could be anyone anywhere. Sometimes there easy to spot with pentagram dangling from around their neck or a long dress and no make-up or jewelry or wearing a white shirt with a tie, riding a bike knocking on doors. Oftentimes just by casual glance you've never know but after talking with them your see a grizzly hand of deception on in. How can we reach people like this? There is only one way that I see and that is to really loves them with the Christ-like love. Don’t put your nose up in the air and think you have truth and look at those as deceivers and deceived people out there. One of my common phrases to say to people “if you have more Jesus and anyone else you better love more than anybody else, because Jesus is love”

I service a lot of people involved in the occult or cults and the best way to show them love is not to reject them, not to make them think I have more truth and they are bad and I’m good, but to invite them over for lunch, sit down with them and find out what’s going on in there life, their hurts, their dreams, where are they coming from. Can I show them by my love that there valuable and precious to